ऎ चाँद!

ऎ चाँद कुछ देर और ठहर जा, थोडा तेरा दीदार और कर लेने दे! मेरे महबूब-सा खूबसूरत तो नहीं है तू मगर, हसरत देखने की उसे मुकम्मल ना सही, कुछ कम ही कर लेने दे ! ऎ चाँद माना दीवाने और भी होंगे दुनिया में तेरे, पर में तो केवल उस एक का हूं ! … More ऎ चाँद!

I hope ! ❤

I hope one day you decide to give us a chance ! Maybe I’ll take you out for dinner then and ask you for a dance ! Maybe while dancing I might get lost in your eyes ! You can then see through the truths of mine, see through my lies ! A little bit … More I hope ! ❤

Baffled Me!

I am walking with delusion in My eyes, Leaving reality far-far behind! Caught up in the turbulence of thoughts, There’s a billion things on my mind! In a fragile attempt,I try to hold myself together, As my confidence gets overshadowed by my insecurity! I mask myself with a face bold & brave, While I am … More Baffled Me!