Somebody hold my hand, because now I am webbed. My heart was the spider, and it had me trapped !! The web of imagination built around a person I loved, had me Scrunchate. Release me quicky coz I’ve been starting to Suffocate!! The blood in my veins has stopped floating. my body is going numb. … More WEBBED !


Everything was lost in a blink of an eye, Yesterday we were hitting it off & today we waved goodbye ! To shrugg me off, she fed me off with a lie, “you’ll find someone better”,said she, As good as it sounds it doesn’t imply!! Maybe my existence meant nothing to her and she has … More Maybe


Just a day before I was nominated, I was going through my feeds and I came across a post that says “The liebster award”.Intrigued as I was by the word ‘liebster’,I read the post. “Wish one day I get nominated too”.That was the first thought that crossed my mind. Next day I was going through … More The LIEBSTER AWARD


Just another day went without me looking at your face, I keep thinking about you,oh yes ! that’s still the case !! My mind is still crowded by your thoughts,like cattles running in the wilderness, I wonder since when have i gotten this tense,vulnerable & become an idiotic mess !! My heart still craves for … More ‘Still’

Shattered pieces

Deep inside we are all smitten, Life like a book of broken heart! Chapters still to be written, Pages torn apart ! Sanity long gone, Dilemma waiting at every shore ! Living like a clone, Have it all but still want more! Keeping thoughts & ideas at the bay, Bruises on our mind ! Scared … More Shattered pieces